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Your instant, pop-up store for your apparel pre-sale

No upfront cost, no subscription, all good

Give your next apparel project "POP" without any upfront costs. Here's how:


We design, build and host a simple but beautiful pop-up store for your brand with NO UPFRONT COST.


Your customers place their orders on your store and we keep track of all the important details.


We print, ship and send a nice, neat order list to make distribution a breeze. Lastly, we send any profits directly to your bank.

1. Pop-Up

When you sign-up for a FlipSwitch POP store, you get a fully-functional, branded pop-up online shop for your project. You fil out one easy form and we handle the rest. Every POP store includes:

  • Safe Payment Processing - Our stores are powered by Stripe, the benchmark standard for safe, secure online transactions.
  • Human Service - From sizing to tracking information, our customer service team takes care of all of your customers' questions.
  • Unique URL - No co-branding here. This is your store with your designs, images and branding. We're just the engine behind it!

2. The Pre-Sale Made "EZ"

Finally, a pre-sale solution that's easy, paperless and requires no cash upfront for your business.
Watch the video below to see how it all works. 

**Store owners always get our best pricing. Want to learn more about making your store a permanent part of your retail program? Click Here

3. Party-On

When your pre-sale is over, that's when the real magic happens. We confirm the final numbers with you, and move quickly to production. The orders are shipped directly to your gym along with a detailed order sheet for easy distribution. Finally, if your project has any extra profits (i.e. if you don't order any extras) then we will deposit the funds directly to your bank via a secure ACH process. Your members get their gear, you keep the profits and get your time back!

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