Give your next apparel project "POP" without any upfront costs. Here's how:


We design, build and host a simple but beautiful pop-up store for your brand with NO UPFRONT COST.


Your customers place their orders on your store and we keep track of all the important details.


We print, ship and send a nice, neat order list to make distribution a breeze. Lastly, we send any profits directly to your bank.

1. Pop-Up

When you sign-up for a FlipSwitch POP store, you get a fully-functional, branded pop-up online shop for your project. You fil out one easy form and we handle the rest. Every POP store includes:

  • Safe Payment Processing - Our stores are powered by Stripe, the benchmark standard for safe, secure online transactions.
  • Human Support - From sizing to tracking information, our customer service team takes care of all of your customers' questions.
  • Unique URL - No co-branding here. This is your store with your designs, images and branding. We're just the engine behind it!

  • 2. The Presale Made "EZ"

    Finally, a presale solution that's easy, paperless and requires no cash upfront for your business. See how it all works:

    Pro Tip: Store owners always get our best pricing. Learn about making your store a permanent part of your retail program. Click Here.

    3. Party-On

    When your presale is over, that's when the real magic happens. We'll confirm the final numbers and move quickly to production. The orders are shipped directly to your gym along with a detailed order sheet for easy distribution. Your profits are deposited directly to your bank via a secure ACH process. Your members get their gear, you keep the profits and get your time back!


    POP! FAQ

    Is this really free?

    You better believe it! Your only commitment is to a minimum order of 50 units per design. Why by design? Because it lets us mix and match styles! For example, 20 tanks + 20 tees + 10 hoodies using the same design, placed in the same location, counts as 50 total units.

    Are there any minimums or commitments?

    Yes. When you start a POP store with us, you must commit to purchasing a minimum or 50 units, regardless of how many are pre-sold when the store is open.

    How long is my store open?

    We recommend keeping your store open for 10 days. But we allow up to 15 days fi you'd like. The reality is, most people will buy on the first day and the last day! 

    How can I see sales?

    You will receive real-time sales alerts via email. We also provide a real-time sales report in our online database for you. 

    Do I need to bring my own design?

    Nope. If you have your own design, that makes the process faster but we do offer design services (for an additional fee) to help turn your idea into a print-ready design. You can learn more about how to create a print-ready design on our website here

    Other Features

    Custom Online Stores

    Specifically built and branded for your unique business and community.

    Branded Gear

    Premium apparel and accessories branded exclusively for your business.

    On-Demand Production

    Offer your brand on-demand to your customers no matter where they are.

    No Sweat, Guaranteed

    If something goes wrong, we make it right.

    Comps & Events

    We streamline signups, merch and prizes to make your next event a breeze!

    Marketing Support

    New posts added every month to make promoting your store or design easy.


    Book a short 15-minute discovery call and get your questions answered.