Connect Your Tech

(Including your DFY online store)

You have a website, programming, social media accounts, a super-sweet DFY online store 😉 and more. How do you share all these great features with your members and keep them up-to-date on the latest updates and events? Writing it on the whiteboard is NOT the right way.

That's why we got into the app game. Our done-for-you app gives you a direct line to your members right on their phone.


Save 44%!

FlipSwitch Exclusive: Active store owners save 44% on the branded app every month and enjoy free setup.

$5/mo for your own branded gym app? #Steal

More than just links is more than just a way to share links, it's an app for your business. From text to images to contact buttons (and yes even links), your app makes it easy to share the latest and greatest with your audience.

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At the Center of it All

Websites, workouts, WiFi passwords, door codes, billing email your members know where to go for this vital info? The app unifies everything into a single, simple app to bring everything together for your business.

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One QR Code to Rule them All

You have links to many different apps, websites, emails and more. But how do you make sure they're not missed in the email or scrolled over in the post?

No matter if you text, email or post to your members, use your one single QR Code to unite your technology kingdom.

Smart Buttons

How do you link to an iOS app download page?

We've created templates for dozens of popular apps and websites that gyms use to manage their classes and schedules. Our smart buttons link directly to the app pages in the Apple App Store and our easy instructions show them how to access the app for your business.

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Custom Online Stores

Specifically built and branded for your unique business and community.

Branded Gear

Premium apparel and accessories branded exclusively for your business.


We do all the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your business.

On-Demand Production

Offer your brand on-demand to your customers no matter where they are.

Detailed Reporting

Stay up to date with your store performance whenever you want.

Human Support

Our service team takes care of you and your customers' questions.

No Sweat, Guaranteed

If something goes wrong, we make it right.

Storage & Warehousing

Quick shipping from our e-commerce fulfillment center.

Comps & Events

We streamline signups, merch and prizes to make your next event a breeze!

EZ Presales

Get better prices on a bulk project without any upfront costs.

For Your Coaches

Customized uniforms, on-demand, ready when your team needs them.

Marketing Support

New posts added every month to make promoting your store or design easy.

The Design Locker

Dozens of designs ready and waiting for your logo.

Quick Order Products

Specialty, high-end fitness products ready to go.


Unique, premium products ready for your on-demand store.

Design Services

From concept to print, our designers can help with anything you need.


Provide 1-click access to your store from your gym apps.