Welcome to our new, combined catalog. Now you can view our On-Demand products (DFY Online Stores) together with some of our favorite Bulk (EZ Pre-Sales) options.

Catalog FAQ

On-Demand vs. Bulk

Our on-demand products as loaded onto you online store have no minimums. 1-unit is all it takes. Bulk projects (see EZ Pre-Sales) start at just 24 units per design. Why per design? Because it makes it easier to hit the target! 12 tees + 12 tanks using the same design and print location can be combined to count as 24 units.

What do the prices mean?

We're showing you the recommended retail prices for these products. For On-Demand products, you earn 25% profit based on these prices on every sale from your store.

When you do a Bulk project with us, your margins are usually 40-50% or more depending on artwork and quantity ordered.

Why are there fewer products for On-Demand?

We don't sit on inventory of every single style, color and size in our warehouse (that would be huge!). Instead, we have special relationships with with manufacturers and distributors who who add products on-demand to our daily deliveres.

That's how we're able to print and ship an on-demand order in just 5-7 days. However, not all styles and brands carry enough stock to meet this demand. We've stayed focused on those products that over-perform and that we can count on bein in-stock when we need them.

Can I use OD products for a Bulk project?

Of course! Any product shown for On-Demand can certainly be used as part of a Bulk project. Your margins will reflect that difference as well, usually going as high as 50% or more depending on art and quantity.

Are these all the Bulk products you can print on?

Heck no! We use this catalog to show some of our most popular and favorite styles that we've worked with. If there's a specific garment that you have in mind for your project, it's pretty much a sure thing that we can source it (or something similar!). Just reach out to our team and we'll get the ball rolling.