Custom Branded Wrist Wraps [Power-Up]



We worked directly with a US based, woman owned business to build these for our product line. These wrist wraps are the real deal, made from durable fabric and a double stitch construction making them damn-near indestructible. 

On-demand Retail: $29.99/unit
On-demand Wholesale: $22.50/unit

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Pay for the setup fee once and these will be made available on your online store for on-demand ordering and fulfillment.

  • Highly absorbent material helps prevent sweat buildup and discomfort during extended exercise sessions.

  • Stand out during workouts featuring a sleek, dual-color design, blending style with functionality.

  • Versatile wrist wraps can be used for weightlifting, functional fitness and general wrist support when you're giving your all!

  • Features a secure hook-and-loop closure.

How Does a Power-Up Work?

Power-ups are a way to add premium, specialty products to your online store for on-demand fulfillment. These products require a custom setup for decoration and fulfillment and as a result require a special one-time setup fee. However, once setup on your store, there is no ongoing cost besides their normal on-demand wholesale price. How sweet is that!?

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