What is Affiliate Supplements

Affiliate Supplements builds branded supplement programs for gyms all over the country. Their premium quality, ingredient transparency and tasty flavors set them apart from anything else out there.

What They Do

Quality. Taste. Service.

Our premium, clean supplements give your people theRESULTS they're looking for. Great margins and exclusivity deliver real REVENUE for your business. And best of all, offering your own supplements leads to better memberRETENTION. Add value to your brand and value to your members.

Integration Features

All in One

Supplement, apparel and accessories all on one store for your members.


Your supplements are automatically added to your store and fulfilled on-demand.


Your supplements are labeled on-demand and shipped directly to your customers.

Ready to Get Started?

Integration FAQ

Is there an additional cost?

Yes. There is a $59 one-time setup cost along with an additional $10/mo (yep...just ten bucks!) to your subscription to add supplements.

What are my margins on supplements?

Margins on supplements start at 34% and go up from there.

Can I change supplement prices?

Yes. You may increase or decrease pricing so long as the retail price yields at least 25% margin before discounts.

How are my labels designed?

You'll work directly with the Affiliate Supplements team to design your label. If you bring your logo, they'll do the rest.

Other Features


We do all the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your business.

Detailed Reporting

Stay up to date with your store performance whenever you want.

Human Support

Our service team takes care of you and your customers' questions.

The Design Locker

Dozens of designs ready and waiting for your logo.


Unique, premium products ready for your on-demand store.

Design Services

From concept to print, our designers can help with anything you need.


Book a short 15-minute discovery call and get your questions answered.